Lucenti Pearl

World premiere for Art Of Confusion: Lucenti Pearl

Distributor FACE didn’t have to search long for the ideal rental partner for their latest LED fixture: the Lucenti Pearl.

This intelligent LED bulb with built-in RGB filaments and retro edison look can be controlled individually via an App or DMX and requires only one cable via the ‘data over power’ protocol. This makes it very easy to use in an existing light set-up, decor, matrix or even garland.

Art Of Confusion invested in no less than 300 units and was able to decorate the gigantic Christmas tree on the Grand Place of Brussels with 300 meters of garland containing 300 bulbs. These were controlled via DMX and ran in full synchronization with the light show projected on the historic buildings, an amazing world premiere.

Lucenti Pearl
Lucenti Pearl

Specs & advantages:

  • Almost unbreakable
  • Weather resistant
  • LED filament bulb
  • retro edison look
  • Stunning output
  • Perfect dimming
  • 8 full RGB LEDS
  • Unique effect
  • DMX addressable ID
  • 120 bulbs on 1 string
  • Up to 240 meter long
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerline communication
  • Designed and assembled in Belgium

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