Art Of Confusion sheds a beautiful light on your event

Lighting is still one of the most defining atmosphere makers at an event.
The choice between functional, decorative or show lighting is therefore very important.

Fortunately, today we don’t have to hide the fixtures up high in a truss anymore, a beautiful light can be part of the decor.

Our retrolights are very suitable for this because both the Robe Part, the Vintage Blaze and the Chicago lamp are designed with the golden era of Hollywood in mind. These 3 designer lamps can be used on a tripod or hanging and they give a nice soft glow to your scene. Although they each have their own specific character, the always give your stage, exhibition stand or reception party that something special.

If you are not able to provide electricity to your bar, product display or reception desk, the Wireless Downlighters are the ideal solution. These modern LED luminaires are available in a high and a low version and in a warm or cold light variant. Thanks to the built-in battery these Wireless Downlighters can be used anywhere.

Our Wireless Table Lights are exclusively for Belgium and thanks to the integrated RGB LED lighting and the wireless DMX control, your guests can be treated to an unexpected light show. The built-in battery provides an autonomy of up to 12 hours, making the Table Light easy to use at any type of event. The transparent plexi can then be designed entirely to the customer’s desire for an original branding.

Art Of Confusion not only rents out existing fixtures but also has its own unique designs in the product range. The prototypes of the LED Rings have now been completely refined and the first completed models have been successfully tested on the road. By using the latest RGB pixel strips, this light fixture is a real eye-catcher and because of the different mounting options, they can also be used at any event, both indoors and outdoors. In the following video you can see how our LED rings are used as modern Christmas lights, ideal for all your events during the Christmas period. On hot summer days the LED Rings can be transformed to Cooling LED Balls.  Thanks to the integrated mist system they not only create a beautiful light show but also provide the necessary cooling, both in and outdoor.

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